ISHCA eLearning programme now available

PLEASE NOTE - ISHCA Online will change from 28th June 2015 - you will no longer need to register to access the programme and this means there will be no formal assessment offered.

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Above is an introductory presentation which was shown at the official launch of the project on 20th November 2013. 


Helen's story comprises of a series of short video vignettes which depict some of the physical and psychosocial issues relating to incontinence in the older person, these will be included in the resource.

ISHCA (Implementing and Supporting Holistic Continence Awareness) is a new initiative set up in St. Mary’s Campus by interdisciplinary staff who recognise that the promotion of continence in the older adult can have a huge impact on the quality of life of an older adult. It is imperative that older persons with issues with continence are given every opportunity to regain full continence and at the very least have  incontinence managed in a way that promotes the dignity of the person.


Research has highlighted the need for increased education in all areas relating to the effective management of incontinence.The ISHCA education programme was developed to meet that need.





To provide an easy to navigate  e-learning resource which facilitates healthcare staff to learn at their own pace at a time convenient to them, thus accommodating different types of learning styles and abilities.


To equip staff with expert knowledge on key aspects of continence promotion in the older adult.


To create a new culture of continence care that  will support practitioners across all settings to actively promote continence.




To see an improved approach in the management of older adults with continence issues within the campus.


To provide a 12 week period where staff can access easy to understand online education.


To promote a person-centred approach to continence management leading to individualised assessments being carried out on all patients and residents. 


To see a reduction in the use of incontinence containment products and  appropriate use of products following accurate assessments



Project Members

Fiona Dunne

Assistant Director of Nursing

Practice Development

Wemi Chukwureh


Anne Spencer

Educational Technologist


ISHCA Formally Launched on 7th May

ISHCA was formally launched on the 7th May by Ms Eithne Cusack at the St Mary's Staff Health Fair - more information about this event is available from  this link