The website has been primarily developed as a source of information for all patients being admitted to St Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park, Dublin for stroke rehabilitation, whilst also offering additional information and support for families, carers and health care professionals in relation to the stroke rehabilitation journey.

The Stroke Rehabilitation Team are led by Dr Chie Wei Fan (Consultant) and Adina Stefanuca (Acting Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNSp) in Stroke- Rehabilitation).


The team include other health care professionals who each play an important role in the rehabilitation journey. Together they manage the day to day management of all patients undergoing rehabilitation, provide education on secondary stroke prevention, medication management and health promotion.


Following discharge there is a nurse led post stroke outpatient clinic to provide ongoing support for patients, families and carers.

A St Mary's Life After Stroke Support Group has been in existence for 2 years and meetings are held every two months in St Mary’s. The purpose of these meetings  is to provide ongoing support for patients, families and carers. 

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Adina Stefanuca

Acting CNSp

Stroke Rehabilitation

Adina Stefanuca

Welcome to Stroke Rehabilitation and Me

Adina Stefanuca

Dr Chie Wei Fan

Consultant Geriatrician 

St Mary's Hospital, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Listen to Josie's Story &  Patrick's Story

Josie's Story

I am so grateful to St Mary's for bringing me this far in my rehabilitation and enabling me to get on with my life 

Josie's Story - Stroke Rehab & Me

I am now looking forward to my future, I am now mobile and I can get into my garden - this won't stop me - my life is just starting!

Patrick's Story

Patrick's Story - Stroke Rehab & Me

These are both patients who have recently participated in the Stroke Rehabilitation programme in St Mary's Hospital.

You will hear also from differing members of the stroke rehabilitation team and how they have helped Josie and Patrick during their rehabilitation pathway.

Welcome to “Stroke Rehab and Me”
This website has been developed for those who have experienced a stroke and are now living life after stroke. You or someone you know may have experienced a stroke.  Stroke is the leading cause of disability in adults.
I hope that the information you find here will give you a better understanding of stroke and life after stroke.  
My name is Chie Wei Fan. I am a consultant physician working in Isolda stroke rehabilitation Unit at St Mary’s Hospital. I am one of the members of the interdisciplinary team who provide inpatient rehabilitation care following an acute stroke.
Our goals are
  • To maximise recovery by ensuring stroke survivors that come through Isolda unit achieve their potential and live an independent life following discharge.
  • To support and educate family/care-givers on stroke and caring for stroke survivors
  • To provide an opportunity for stroke survivors to meet together to share their rehabilitation experience and life after stroke through the Stroke Survivor Support Group held at St Mary’s Hospital.
I hope you will find the website helpful in your journey to recovery from stroke.
Dr Chie Wei Fan