Patient and Family Stories

Stroke Rehabilitation presents patients and families with an unknown journey. Shared experiences provide hope, encouragement and determination at a difficult time.
The real life stories shared here are truly an inspiration to all.

Three stories are available for you to read including Jane's who provides us with a family perspective on the rehabilitation journey.

Listen to Josie's Story &  Patrick's Story

Josie's Story

I am so grateful to St Mary's for bringing me this far in my rehabilitation and enabling me to get on with my life 

Josie's Story - Stroke Rehab & Me
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I am now looking forward to my future, I am now mobile and I can get into my garden - this won't stop me - my life is just starting!

Patrick's Story

Patrick's Story - Stroke Rehab & Me
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These are both patients who have recently participated in the Stroke Rehabilitation programme in St Mary's Hospital.

You will hear also from differing members of the stroke rehabilitation team, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and speech and language therapist and hear how they helped Josie and Patrick during their rehabilitation pathway.


National Heart & Stroke Helpline 

Freephone 1800 252550

Volunteer Stroke Scheme (VSS)

Tel 01 6346925

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If you think someone has had a stroke - Think FAST and Act FAST Tel 999 or 112 

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