Falls Safety Awareness - Meet Chrissie 

'Best Foot Forward' is an initiative to improve falls safety awareness and features Chrissie. 

Falls and falls related injuries are increasing in people with an intellectual disability. 


To reduce the risk of falls a campaign to raise awareness amongst this client group is required.


Chrissie's story will identify important elements required for awareness amongst people with an intellectual disability, families, carers and health and social care staff.


Chrissie is 74 years old and lives in the community, she shares her home with 5 other people. She is very aware that she is at risk of falling as she gets older and is keen to ensure that her home is safe for herself, her friends who share the house with her and their carers. 

1:3 are at risk of falling

These figures are from the TILDA report in 2014 and relate to age category 50-59 and with advancing age this number will rise - no definitive figures for over 70"s is currently available.

As part of Chrissie's story an information leaflet has been created outlining some of the important aspects of safety in the home aimed at reducing the risk of falls. The booklet can be downloaded from this link

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New - January 2016

Watch Chrissie's Story 
Introducing the development team from Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services, Dublin

Members of the team from left to right: Geraldine Delaney (CNMIII), Bernedette Flood (Pharmacist), Marie O'Sullivan (Senior Physiotherapist), Melinda McCabe (Physiotherapy Manager).