Una & Paula are Part of Fit 4 All - March 2017

Una, Paula & Chrissie Present with Lorraine, Daragh and Anne at the INMO RNID Conference - November 2016

Una, Paula Present Happy Bones as Part of Mental Health Week

12th October 2016

 Paula and Una talk about the importance of Happy Healthy Bones as part of Mental Health week at St Michael's House. Sabine provided great support and encouragement to them both. Thanks to all at Work Options to!

Una, Paula & Chrissie Present with Daragh

20th April 2016

Daragh Rodger was joined by Paula, Una and Chrissie to present the Forever Autumn Community of Practice at the recent Leadership and Innovations in Older Persons Service Summit held at Dublin Castle on the 12th April. 


The photograph at the top is taken in the grounds of Dublin Castle and below they are in their places on the stage ready to talk about Happy Bones.


The feedback following the conference was amazing they all did very well.