Paula & Ann Gallagher, Healthy Ageing Clinic

Paula & her father

Paula & her sister Ann

Introducing Paula's Story

Paula's Story features Paula and members of her family. She is pictured below with her father and her sister Ann. 


Paula has always been active and enjoys a bone friendly diet every day - she knows how important it is to have strong and healthy bones.


There are two short films to watch.


  • Paula's Story


  • The DXA Scan - Paula shows you how a scan is done.


Paula's friend Una (pictured below with Paula) has also helped us make the films and we are  grateful for the help of all their friends in Work Options for helping us too.


Sabine Uhlig (below) has also been a great support helping us make the films.


Paula & Sabine Uhlig, Work Options

Paula & Una Hennessy